I Love Bekka And Lucy Reviews + Press!


I just got back from hanging out with my I Love Bekka and Lucy fam at SXSW and I'm so proud to say that the premiere went amazing and Bekka and Lucy were very warmly received! Some lovely people have even taken the time to write some kind words about the show and you should check them all out by clicking each link below:

Indiewire - "Jessica Parker Kennedy and Tanisha Long offer an advanced — and endearing — take on friendship in "I Love Bekka & Lucy," 

Refinery 29 -  "prepare to fall for this smart, diverse, and hilarious look at female friendship"

Paste Magazine - "an unrelenting joke machine that powerfully highlights the two talented actresses of color hamming it up at its center"

Young Hollywood - "The dynamic of the cast has a comedic yet serious element that is much different from anything on TV right now. It’s a must-see!" "Their on-screen chemistry is amazing and relatable"

 Forbes - Interview with writer/director/creator Rachael Holder

Black Film - Interview with writer/director/creator Rachael Holder